Pre-Sugaring Cleanser w/ Hazel and Alcohol 14% 


Ingredients: Natural Hydrolates of Witch Hazel 85-86% Alcohol (Ethanol-Standard USP) 14-15%


ADVISORY: We pride ourselves on the fact that our tonics do not contain preserving agents, stabilizers, colorants, chemicals, or GMOs. Therefore, color and transparency of our distillates can appear light yellow, transparent or milky white, depending on the batch. Scents can also vary slightly - stronger or softer - for the same reason. This doesn't mean the product is defective. Slight variations are the result of our commitment to 100% natural ingredients, which vary in nature from year to year. Thank you for joining us in our commitment to the environment.


Dont use if: Areas of abnormality such as recent scar tissue, skin graft, moles or warts. Any skin disease, abrasion, wound, pimples, rashes, inflammation, pus or infection, or area that may be skin cancer.

Pre-Sugaring Cleanser w/ Hazel and Alcohol 14% 4oz (113.4g)